ZX2 sunroof glass

Hello ZX2 Motorsports,

I am martiniac from ClubProtege.com I have a first gen Protege that I have been bringing back to life. The car had a steel sunroof in it stock so I went junkyard searching for a glass replacement. Thinking that the ZX2 roof looked pretty close, I bought one for $10.00… It doesn’t fit. My hopes are that someone will be in need of the part and that I won’t have to simply discard it or watch it gather dust in the corner of my shop for eternity. I will not charge anything for it but I will not cover shipping.

If you are interested and live near me, come by and pick it up. If you want shipping cost, I live in Fort Wayne, IN and have a PayPal account.

I know that there is probably not much need for this part in your community, especially since it is just the glass and not the whole mechanism. I just don’t like throwing away good parts.

Here’s a pic:




btw… I have since purchased the whole mechanism out of an EGT with color matched shade! That was a great find!!

Anyone know of a way to install this in a non sunroof model? I’m interested.

jigsaw and duct tape?

I have to admit that would work. lol

Ray yes you could install it but it wont be powered just a glass roof which is still nice. You’ll need metal shears and nice rtv silicone other that that its a snap.

Hey if I had to manually crank it open I wouldn’t mind that either. Or are you saying it would just be fixed in place?

Darth I’m telling you right now, this will not end well. On top of the normal hassles associated with having an open glass roof in the car, you are going to have all kinds of issues.

In you say, well how much does it cost to ship to Oak Grove Ky, 42262

sorry i’ve been away from this thread… i still have this in my shop covered in towels… ship to KY? $10 ought to do it…

I forgot about the roof and bumped into it when I was cleaning the shop out today. I can’t stand to throw it out because it’s in great shape…

i’ll make sure i check this thread and close out of it when and if it’s gone… it might end up as a coffee table… :wink: