zx2 project

ok you all know what happin cuz of the wanted parts ad on team zx2 if not i wrecked the z which sucks. people have told me to juck thecar get somthin better but the car is not a lost unless the engine is gone. i know so far what im getin to replace the front end.

dont know what front bumper
Carbon fiber invader hood
laser or z3 fenders
beretta type wipers
new led under bodys
new winshield
new passenger side window glass
core support
header panel
black out or clear corner headlights
new radiator/ac condencer/fan

thats all i need to replace what is gone
while the winshild is out i can do my fiberglass work on the head panel so the Interior looks better with a custom box between the sun visors to put my switches and im gona be getin tires soon to put on my rims for the z. if it wasnt for the deer i might never of done all of what im about to do lol. time to get my head back on and get my ride back on track befor the summer hits.


Can you post a pic of the hood?

lol u wana see what my front stocker looks ike?? its trashed. thats all im goin to buy

Sorry, thought the Invader Hood was to be sold…I wanted to buy it off you. I must have mis-read.

:D lol naw thats all the stuff im buyin for the z to have it road ready. im buyin fenders and a hood tomarrow^^ maybe a bumper