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Nova, my 2003 ZX2

Currently I have installed a MDS thruster coil, the ZXTuner intake, front strut tower bar, rear 22mm sway bar, EGT rear disk system, SS brake lines, slotted/drilled rotors, Ford Racing Spark Wires, Mustang Fuel Injectors, JBA header, 2.5 exhaust w/high flow cat, Borla muffler, Carbon Fiber Hood, UDP, ODP, Tokico Struts, and Eibach Springs.

I got Nova on a bit of a splurge purchase in December of 2005. It actually was the next morning after I totaled my previous ZX2, a 2002 model I named Sprite. I decided to stay with the ZX2 because I had come to understand the car, making it easy to work on.

I’m just another tech geek in LA. I just got hired by Apple for a Mac Genius position, and my focus right now is paying off my student debt and getting more goodies for Nova. :smiley:






205/40ZR17 Nitto Neo-Gen’s on 17" Gunmetal Drag DR-7’s. Full length Kamikaze header with blue Jet-Hot coating into custom “cat”-back into Borla Pro-XS muffler. Optimal Yellow Top battery, MSD Ignition Coil, CTA Intake, MX-3 strut bar, Eibach Pro Springs, Tokico shocks. Sony MP3 head unit, planet audio speakers, amp and 12" Sub in sealed box.

Wanted future mods: fiberglass sub encloser in trunk floor, UDP/ODP, switch panel for accessory lights in ash tray, fiberglass rear deck, charcoal interior swap, Centerforce cluch, Fidanza Flywheel.

I’ve been working at Kroger as long as I’ve had my car, and since I was going to have to pay my dad back, a cheap option was necessary. I was looking at 94-95 S-10’s and Sonomas, but my dad thought this would be more practical. It was a out 3k more than the range we were looking at, but it’s also newer, only had 21k on the clock when I bought it in October of 01 (first semester of college). I think it was the next year that Fast and the Furious came out and I got interested in tuning, found this site and haven’t left yet. :slight_smile:

I’m still at Kroger doing customer service, got married and bought a house last July. There are mor pics in my cardomain page…click my sig pic.

  • Darron