ZX2 is pissin' me off

:xI have code P1380 and

as quoted from http://www.zx2racing.com :“A code P1380 would indicate a solenoid malfunction.”

I had the VCT solenoid changed, and that silver vct unit in it changed, and the car is still throwing the code.

i deleted the code and it for 20km and restart the car, it throw the code again…

can someone please give me some advise!!! i have ATX 98 zx2…

P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380P1380 :x

1st… Welcome to ZX2MS!

2nd… What kind of problem were you experiencing PRIOR to throwing the code? That can help us to point you in the right direction.

You said you had the VCT changed already? Was it changed with a new OEM replacement or a junkyard part?

Save yourself. Do a VCT delete and use the SCT to set the VCT to 0. The most expensive part is the SCTx2, but it is a computer upgrade. Trust me, you would be happy with the results.

I have a 4 bank sct chip in the car that is not dyno tuned.

I am not going to get a performance exhaust cam shaft.

but is it smart to delete VCT without getting a performance exhaust cam?

It’s perfectly fine to delete the VCT without using a performance cam.

welcome and mirrorguardian is right

so, if i delete VCT with dyno tuning a SCT without a performace cam/timing gear, will i expect any gain?

my mod list:
web cam intake cam+ timing gear
retainer+valve springs
10.3:1 PNP head
CTA intake
ZXtuner header
2.5 exhaust system

You will see gains at the top end some at the mid range.

yeah. but its a daily city drivin’ atx zx2… what i really need is bottom end… :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from getting a Zxtuner Exhaust Mani, weight reduction and different cams; start saving your money.

There will be a BOLT-ON Supercharger coming out, last heard, in October 1st, 2006.

can you send me some more info about that super charger?


i thought i saw this on teamzx2 that this is not going to happen

Its happeing man. RoushZX2 is going out when they demo the kit on a Z. Hes takin pics and hopefully videos. I dont know if October 1st is the final date or not, but it is coming out soon.

Yeah the punk better bring me back a sovenoir (ahhhemm… read supercharger!! lol!) :smiley:

Hehe. Can’t wait!