zetec tRacer wagon

anyone done this swap yet(sure its been done)
where can i get info on that

I’ve heard of it done. But im not sure where or whom. I think Jayco’s making a conversion kit for the Wagon

Yeah I just visited his site, probably visit his shop next year for brake conversion and tranny questions, should have that wagon then too

im not going to ask why you want a zetec in a wagon lol…

Who would think a 2.3 zetec with custom gearing would be faster than a Caprice with the ground clearance of Big Foot?

casey (dimwatt) at the feoa boards has two wagons, a ZX2 zetec and a BPT pwered one., The BPT wagon has been altered into being a 2dr panel delivery and is still not finished cosmetically.

Mechanically, it runs like a raped ape.

Crazy quick.