YUM! Germ infested break area!

So I work weekends, and now sundays. Pretty much no one is in the building in sundays. So usually on weekends on sundays we have the carpets done once a month, blah blah, ya know, get stuff done. Well, the people doing them decided it was a great idea to do it by my desk when I had a customer on the phone who said “i’m sorry sir i can’t hear you it sounds like a machine is on behind you.” well what do you know, one was! An industrial carpet cleaner that sounded like an F16 fighter plane behind me… i muted it and said “You guys wrapping that up?” and they kept going.

So after i got off the phone i went to the break area to go make some lunch and get my stuff all ready to eat and what did i find?


Gross. Same place I make my food at now has a carpet that people walk on and a garbage can on the counter, YUM!

Needless to say I spoke to upper management about it who’s response was “Wow, nasty! They did what?” and when i sent them an email of what you see here the response was “EWWWWW!” sand also “Nasty! Thank you.” so i don’t think we’ll be seeing them back in the office anytime soon.


I have seen worse

I don’t trust the break area in my new store at all…not that I trusted it in my old store… I just use the microwave and make sure any foood that touches anything in there gets thrown away… Oh and I wash my hands thoroughly about 3x’s before eating anything.

  • Darron

wow… I work in a residential setting daily and I have never seen anythin that disgusting. thats crazy dude. If we did that at work we would be fired immediately.