Yet another pair of hid headlights I made

and as usual banned from for making them…hehehe blah blah

Those actually look better than the first pair you made.

Did they give you a reason? Like they feel you are gouging people out of their money or something?

If you have them for sale, cool. If you don’t want to buy them from ZXTUNERINNY, fine. But you shouldn’t ban someone for making them in general.

Hell I could Gold plate my Zx2 (would be sweet) and sell it for $750,000. If you don’t want to buy, don’t. But I shouldn’t be banned from a website for doing it. I don’t know…I must be missing something.

At , they went on and on , about parts , to price , to finally driving me up the wall…I dont care , I’m so beyond that forum , its run by a bunch of people that dont know anything about hid headlight retrofitting…

They look good, much better than the last pair

Thanks darth , pictures are a little fuzzy , but this is like my 24th pair of headlights I’ve made. I’ve only made 4 pairs of zx2 ones ,no one who owns a zx2 wants to dish out that kinda cash .

what kind of money are you charging for these? not all zx2 owners are poor. just most of us. lol

I think they look awesome!!! You musta been around team before I showed up I dont recconize ur SN. How much you charging or are those for sale? Where you the one selling some set on ebay a while back? like $400-600? They look awesome!! I would love a set!

900 dollars.

He was banned for general douchebaggary, not for making headlights. Though bringing that up is hardly the proper thing to do on another forum. Keep the political bs out of it. :rolls eyes: The last thing we need is a forum war.

as far as in know in the history of teamzx2 and zx2ms there has never been a forum war. We may not have seen eye to eye on somethings but it has always been left at that. if someone wants to vent that has been fine. if it goes beyond that the administration team here has taken care of it. Most of these post were made over a year and a half ago, aside from the last there.

I dont know if zxtunerinny is even around anymore, and yes they were expensive considering you had to provide a pair of headlights for him to modify. But again, he was the only one doing it consistently.

I doubt he’s around. I think his car blew up like a year ago, it was on ebay a few times

He is not around anymore. Thank god. I found some of his posts on a subaru forum once… you should see how many people he makes mad over there. Lol

I have actually met him in person. I made a video a few years ago for an escort meet that ERDT hosted. heres the link if anyone wants to see it

[url=] ... annel_page[/url]

Sorry for the quality, I had not discovered Premier yet and made it in windows media suck. Also my buddy Mike decided to keep the zoom on most of the time we were riding so the video is very shaky.

I never did, and I’m glad for it. If he had showed up at my meet this summer there would have been a lot of tense moments.

Its in the past though, I suppose.

I do like the headlights on how they look. Granted I remember the problems on the forum he had over there which never came out to be good. They would be sick on my car but then again I don’t mind the stock and she really is never out at night anyways.

i contacted him not long ago, he’s making lights but only for subies as he’s not making them for z’s anymore. Too bad, i was looking forward to it :frowning:

Either way, forever kudos for him for such an accomplishment and craftsmanship!