Xbox 360 Geeks Here

Xbox 360. Who’s got them?

-Once I get more free time I will probably get hooked up online with it. With this throw your user name down there. I am thinking of getting a Forza 2 races against you people online. I know somebody on this forum wants to rodeo with this clown…yet at the time we do…she should be surprised(hopefully)

Gamer Tag - zx2ms

I play Bad Company mostly but I do Forza as well…

Add me online…

Is that a good game at all “bad company”?

-I haven’t gotten it yet(meaning online) but will coming up here. I just borrowed my buddys wireless card to see if it will work since hooking it up straight to the box wasn’t at all. So well have to see when i can chuck up the funds for that now. Yet I will for sure add you bro.

gamertag - koihoshi

Hey i gotta ask you a question Derek. Come online if you get a chance.

ahh its good to be back on zx2ms!!!

my gamertag is - ir0nMarC

put zx2ms in the message if you want to add me!

Oh mine is- Krux303

BTW any good shooting multiplayer games for the system that is fun. Me and my buddy are doing perfect dark and that rocks. Just trying to figure out if there is anymore?

Nice to see you iron man

Krux… get Call of Duty 4!

also the new one is Call of Duty World at War, thats supposed to be good but I havent’ tried it yet.

One of these days I will get Call of Duty 4. Right now I am trying to mod the zx2 which is always expensive.