Ok here is my wish list of stuff to buy.

Metra or the other brands face-plates.

Charcoal/Black Arm Rest- Wishful wishing right yea i know lol but hey it wouldnt hurt to ask. as long as its a resonable price i’ll buy it if you sell it.(This is my big wanter right here)

98-99 valve cover with spark plug cover holes or with spark plug cover.

Black floor mats- zx2 logo

Aftermarket speed guages- if you got a set that wana let go off. if not ebay is my only opition.

if you have any of these item thanks and pm me or email me at ogreatfuzzy1@aol.com

how many miles on your car? If you car close to my milage, then I’ll just trade you clusters

my car has 111,xxx miles on it, plus i painted the cluster.


bump need this stuff except the gauges.