Worlds first Indy ZX2

Pretty fast. And it does sound alot like an indy car. That’s Pips car right?

what are the list of mods?


  • Darron

LOL, I love that!

Like Micky Ds: “I’m love’n it!”

Sorry about that Foos.

:P Its fake so to speak :P I just sped the video and audio up and it sounded like a Indy car :P


Damn foos, what u got under that hood?? Or do I have to find out the hard way? LOL

I’ve been bam-boozeled!

Good Job though!

Damn foos, what u got under that hood?? Or do I have to find out the hard way?

It’s something you guys where not here for when it started. It’s pimp-gold power! and he has it!

yea,yea,yea. Ive been here long enough to of heard that a good amount of times. I was on the old site for prolly a lil over a year.

:D Just think!! I get to ride in that sweet car any time I want!! I even get to drive it if I want to!! Aren't I luckey!! :D The guy who owns it is pretty hott too!!


why thank you Miranda!

Darron didnt tell you, but he sold his pimp gold power to me last week! lol! just playing around!!!

that is pretty cool how just by speeding up the film it sounds like a indy car, and looks just as fast!!!

Cool, good job Chris! I like it! :twisted:

  • Darron

Pimp Gold, playas. That’s how we roll.

(That would be even funnier if you saw just how white I am.)

Hey Chris! Repost that video, or someone post a link to it. What’s that one site it got on?

  • Darron

Hahaha…He can’t get enough of seeing his car.

Well…that and I was telling the guy I work with about it, and I can’t show it to 'im if I can’t find it. lol

  • Darron

Its posted on with a bunch of comments on it too. Just search for “zx2”