Got tired of TeamZx2 and I missed Koi!! Seems to be a lot of people that agree that TZx2 is going downhill. Anyone else from Oregon or Washington??


I went on there briefly to hunt down some contact info from old friends I missed. Some of them are back here :slight_smile:

I still have not registered on there, and as long as zx2ms is up, I never will.

Felt bad that I missed the ZX2 meet man, it’s INSANELY busy lately for me and I’ve had no time. Hell I’ve barely been able to post here! But i’m back again to raise some hell and do some how-to guides! [cheers]

How have you been?

It’s all good man no body went. Vit went to Laguna Seca and Powder was too busy too so we just called it off. But hey I got a Saturday off from work lol. I know what you mean. I’ve been busy with Finals, senior project, replacing head gaskets in my Xploder and to top it off the clutch in the scort is slipping bad when ever I want to have a little fun. So hopefully every thing holds up until the middle of June or so so I can just bike to work lol. I see that Ducati of yours got a lot sweeter haha.