will 7.5" width tires fit?

on wheel guide it says 7",8" and 8.5" lol

im looking at these wheels I offered him 400


depends on backspacing, the max you wanna go w/ a tire is 205/40/17

edit: btw, I don’t think those fit our cars if it fits a nissan, i think they have a diff bolt circle

Bolt pattern is important… no sense spending money on rims just to find out they are 5 are bolt pattern. Our ZX2’s are 4x100.

Either e-mail him or go there and check out the spec’s on the side of the tire and the bolt pattern.

yeah and I think nissan is 4x113 or something weird like that

those rims are definitely 4x113. you would need universal 4 lugs to fit both the 240 and the zx2. don’t waste you money on them.

on a side note, they would fit if they had the correct lug pattern. i put rims back and forth between my 240 and zx2 all the time. i would say it is safer to find honda offsets, since they are more similar to our car than a RWD 240.

This guy is good

I’m 100% positive the bolt pattern for the Zx2 is 4x100.

The other pattern you are thinking of is 4x108 and this is for our older Escorts.

Please check out: Bolt-Patterns.com

wow, this is good info to know…

ideal (non-rubbing) ZX2 wheel/tire combos…

ZX2 bolt pattern: 4x100mm

ideal rims for 185 width tires:
14x5.5", 14x6", 35mm-45mm offset
15x5.5", 15x6", 35mm-45mm offset

ideal rims for 195 width tires:
15x6", 15x6.5, 37mm - 43mm offsets
16x6.5", 16x7", 37mm-43mm offsets

ideal rims for 205 width tires:
15x6", 15x6.5, 15x7", 40mm - 43mm offsets
16x6.5", 16x7", 40mm-43mm offsets
17x7", 40-43mm offsets

ideal rim sizes for 215 width tires:
16x7", 16x7.5", 42-43mm offset
17x7", 17x7.5", 42-43mm offset
18x7.5", 42-43mm offset

important points:

  1. not all tires of identical size are made to the same width - there can be variances as much as 1/2" between manufacturers of the exact same number size tire.

  2. wheel offsets have to do with how close or far the tire will be to the strut or wheel well - a lower number offset means the tires are closer to the fender, a higher number offset means the tire is closer to the strut.

hope that helps.

That’s great info Rob I might put that in a how to guideline of figuring out the correct offset if you don’t mind?

We should get a wheel fitment guide or database going JUST for the ZX2 on what wheels have fit, what spacers were needed and what equipment was used. That would forever go down in “awesomesauce” in my world.

how wide of a 14" wheel would be needed to fit a 205 tire? do they even make the right tires for that? J/W, I have a set of steelies I’d like to get custom’d up to fit the widest tire they can :smiley:

a 205-xx-14 tire can be fitted on rim widths from 5.5" to 7.5", with 6" being optimum in most cases.

do you think i could go any wider on 14" tires w/o rubbing? I’m on s/r struts and dropzone springs. I ran 215/45/17’s a while back and that was tooooooo much

its gonna be a crap shoot… to fit 215 width tires you’ll need a perfect 42mm offset, and few wheels have that in 14". the other thing that will determine if you can fit 215’s easily is the aspect ratio… the 215 measurement refers to the width where the tire balloons out the most, so for example a 70 series tire will have its widest point closer to the ram than say a 40 series tire which will have it’s widest point closer to the tread.

yeah i figured that. I just thought I’d like to try to get some widened steelies and see what’d fit, just to have beat wheels but awesome tires :smiley:

the mpg car had some 14" steelies with the small center caps - i set those aside with the same intent in mind… throwing a set of nitto 555’s in 205/55-14 on them. Those drag radials make for awesome dry grip tires both front and rear, and will last around 12000 miles before they’re toast.


these are the full cap issue steelies that I have, how much are you going to widen them by?

i’m not - they will work with 205’s just fine.