WI All-Ford Round Up

Here’s the pics of the Sport Compact Class of the All Ford Show in WI today. I got tied for 3rd with the siver SVT, and the Saleen wannabe got 2nd, so the All show no go (4500lbs) Cougar got 1st.

  • Darron

great pics Darron!

congrats on your tie!

lol i mean no offense by this, but how many people walked past and screamed out “omg hes got a dead hooker in the trunk?” lol… .gotta love Dirty Work.


Me so Sad I missed it…

LISA!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Me too! Maybe next year?

  • Darron

I know this is old but I was meaning to put this in here awhile back… got third to in all domestics class. Two kitted and bagged cavi’s got 1st and 2nd. Personally I don’t like airbags on sport compacts and like D. said all show no go. Oh well I know I could beat em in race lol.


Congrats on the tie!

Visually all of those cars were tough, I’d have to say I’m not much for the cougar… I’m not even much for the Focus. I will be honest in saying that the color of the car is not my favorite, but your car is DAMN clean, very impressive and I’m surprised that they didn’t vote higher… but then again usually the crowd votes for the “craziest” in which case the cougar looks crazy, but in my opinion a bad way because the front bumper looks like a snow shovel. I like how you kept the car’s body stock, kept it clean, well detailed and the mods are clear. They aren’t “way out there” and it’s done professionally, would have nailed my vote. I like a car that is modified in a sense that can be used, it’s modified and practical if you see what I mean. Basically those cars are so freaking low that if they took them to autocross they’d be crying when they came home from scraping their body kits, too low is too low and body roll is body roll. I vote for a car when I see that it’s modified and useable and driveable with performance and the looks well mixed, and yours has it. A wings west would look good, but i think your car honestly looks great the way it is.

Your car looks nice though! AND THE ENGINE! OH MY GOD i have not SEEN a cleaner Zetec around!

Beautiful man!

Wow…thanks dude, seriously! I would love to get a WW kit, but I’m debating how I’d want it painted… I’d like to see a PS of a black kit on my car 'cause in my head it’d look kick ass, but I don’t know if it really would or not.

  • Darron

If you have a good picture of your car on the color it’s on now send it to my email and i’ll see what i can cook up tonight on PS.