Who's with me?

I don’t know about you guys, but ive been looking at the Ford Fusion lately, and i think i might be sold. It may not be the fastest small car out there, but i think it looks pretty bad ass. I have yet to see one up close cause the dealers around here havent gotten them in, but i quote them as saying " they should be here any day now, they may even be here today" I just think it looks like a really solid car. What you guys think?

P.S. That Ford Iosis from frankfurt auto show = WOW

Polo and I were supposed to go test drive one together… but our plans fell out at the last minute, due to various reasons.

they look like a sweet car.

Well I have a Mazda 6, and I think it’s pretty much the same car. If it’s anything like mine, it’s a sweet car. The ride is great. The six speed auto is pretty good, but I kinda wish I had the manual trans. Mazdaspeed is supposed to release a supercharger this year, so watch out for that on the Fusion.

It’s a solid car. If you got the extra $$$ I’d go with the Zephyr. But the Fusion and Milan are a sure bet.

Yea, I pulled into a Ford dealer today and they had one out w/ the hood up and everything to see. I didnt look at it cause I was there for parts for my rear brakes. O YEA, When I pulled out back to the parts center, GUESS WHAT I SAW!!! ANOTHER YELLOW S/R like mine!!! But it had different 17" rims, WW kit, 2 12" kicker Solo subs… I went inside and was talkin go the guy at the parts desk about what I needed and I found out that it was his car, I started asking him what all he had done to it. He just dropped 15grand into it. He got the head ported and polished along w/ 3 angle valve job w/ oversized valves. He also has a Crane? full ignition system. Crane cams, full header and custom exhaust all the way back to the “stock” borla muffler. I asked him if he could start it up, AND HE DID, lol. It sounded SWEET, I COULDNT BELIEVE IT, It had suck a deep agressive sound compared to mine. The idle was rougher cause of the cams. I WANTED TO SWAP CARS ON THE SPOT!!! But anyhow, they had the new Fusion there.

sweet! did you pimp zx2ms?


  • Darron

<—Definitely white lol!

Don’t S/Rs only come in yellow and aren’t there only like 500 made a year? something crazy like that?

There were some reds and blacks made also. But yes, most were yellow.

  • Darron

Was not aware of that, good info, thanks.

In 1999 ford produced 500 Zinc Yellow ones and only distributed them in Cali as a testrun. It worked well, so they made 2000 more S/Rs for the year 2000. 1000 of them were Yellow, 500 black, and 500 Red, in 1999 the intakes were different and so were the shifter boots. But yea thats it.