whos down for some HL?

okay… whos down for some Half Life Classic???

right now!!!


Hee hee…:slight_smile:

  • Darron

That level has a few more additions that i’ve made now mark :slight_smile:


If all goes well my steam account should be fixed (hopefully) by today.

Either way if you two wanna game with my map I’ll send it over but most of it isn’t done yet but it’s most definitely playable, but when it’s finished I can send the updated map :slight_smile:

Mark, I made more changes during lunch.

There is now switches to blow up the hallways, a laser going down another hallway, I have a bigass beam that shoots from the ceiling onto a weapon platform so you CANNOT grab the weapon (you’d have to go upstairs and fight the guy to turn off the switch, makes for more challenge), more transporters now, refined the lighting a bit… Added MORE weapons and tonight I’ll be adding more rooms and a ventilation system so it gives you even more reason to be looking behind your back :slight_smile:

OH and a whirling blade on one of the doorways…

dude that level is going to be SOOOOO sick when your done with it. I just have to install HL on my other puter cause for some reason my laptop doesnt like games.

I wont be around till after bowling league tonight, but im off all day tomorrow.

Sounds good :slight_smile: There will be more to it later tonight you may have to replace the old map with the new one so it’ll work right but it’ll be pretty sick :slight_smile:

I have reached my conclusion… COMPUTER NERDS! lol… haha snort snort… oops :oops: i hope i didnt spoil my hidden identity keyboard tapping

You know it! haha, you think we’re bad you should talk to vitviper on teamzx2, he’s like me, he does it for a living but he spends 50% of his time working on his zx2 and the other 50% programming :lol:

so no time for “intimate” things lol

For him? Not sure, I don’t ask about his personal life, lmao. :lol:

“Hey vit, how bout those intimate things hows that going?”
Naw thats okay, I don’t think I’ll ask him.

under penalty of being banned from teamzx2…

lmao… exactly, even though i talk to him every day i think he’d take offense to that :wink:

hmm… TMI maybe

TMI is a midget in a cowboy suit doing…

nevermind. :shock:

Yeah all I do every day is program from when I wake till I go to sleep pretty much. then on the weekends its party time and maybe alittle time with thats my life pretty much.To busy with my career right now. Hopefully soon though things will change but who knows.