Who says we can't kick ass?

Just watch.

[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=TaER-Wyxc_k&search=stunt%20driving]http://youtube.com/watch?v=TaER-Wyxc_k& ... %20driving[/url]

Simple trick, but still awsome.

AHHHH I used to have the complete video. That was a demo tape from a driving school! I ahve to see if I can find the complete video. there are more stunts with zx2’s on it.

That’s cool, but I’m not trying it…lol

I think the guy’s name is Bobby Ore. I remember watching the full video too. Nice to know that our Zs can do stuff like that.

ROFLMAO! Anyone else notice the gas door flip open? LOL!

  • Darron

Yea I noticed that too, but as long as the cap stays on everything is fine I guess. Hey this is kinda random, but does anyone know any info on the whearabouts of the ZX2NR prototype?

I don’t think I could pull THAT trick off but I have done 180s into a reverse 180 in a parking lot on my zx2 before, its definitely doable. :twisted:

you talking about the orange one that was the inspiration for our 03’s?

not sure but I would love to find out!

Lol!! Nice!! Kinda reminds me of the driving done in the movie “The Italian Job” Fricken Awesome!! I agree, its nice to know that our cars are capable of a cool stunt like that:)


Yep, the one that is in the top banner of the site.

The movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” DVD in the extra features has some stunt driving with some ZX2s’… When I get some time I will pull it of and oput it up for download or viewing.

Found new pics of the NR that I don’t think the site has yet.





I’m not going to lie; I would have purchased that body kit if over my current kit if someone would have made it.

Though I am happy with my car as is too! Ok, maybe it would have been a toss up.

I like the grill look that the NR and the 03s have. Not that I didn’t love my 02, but I remember seeing the 03 later on and kinda considering just taking the nose off of one.

!!! nice find !!!

this helps me out alot. I want to do this kit so bad, but I needed a good reference point to start measuring. This pics are awesome!

that was pretty cool…