Which fuel pump?

Does anybody have any ideas as to what fuel pump will bolt on to to the gas tank on the ZX2? I am thinking about an upgraded fuel system that will support 500+HP. any suggestions will be welcome.

Just wondering, how much HP are you making now?

mustang gt fuel pumps … well ones made for a gt should support 500 hp but good luck with that we havent seen one break 300 yet

havent seen one break 300 yet

Make 500hp without NOS and I will be impressed.

HKS, did you know that the GT fuel pumps are actually just 2 regualr Focus pumps put together? A focus fuel pump should be fine until you start banging about 300hp. By then, you’ll want to go Walbro 255 lph just to be on the safe side.

I dont know about that… I know Lightnings have a low pressure and a high pressure fuel pump (Dual stage)

no pip i didnt know that … but thanks for the info!!! i have my own fuel issues to be sorting out shortly so thats good to know

Check the PN’s.

My goal is to make at least 450lb/ft of torque at the wheels so I am probably going to make well over 500 hp.

I just made some rough calculations using a formula on stump the geek section of sport compact car and i will need to feed either 4 130lb injectors or 8 66lb injectors if i go with two fuel injectors per cylinder. One set for semi decent economy and the second set for intimidation on the dyno since I would like to put this car in through the Ultimate street car challenge that Sport Compact Car throws every year. If a Cobalt won Time Attack why not a ZX2 on the USCC podium one of these years?

Dude, I agree, and good luck with that. Definitely keep us posted on your progress, and don’t skimp out on the pics. Hopefully Chris will get the main portion of the site back up ‘n’ running soon so we can give ya a gallery to upload pics.

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So what fuel pump will deliver enough fuel to supply all those injectors? It has to be in tank to keep things quiet. I am also planning to upgrade the fuel lines as well to a larger size.

focus svt fuel pump should do it…

use a holley hi-performance fuel pump

Do you have any part numbers you can share with the rest of us for those wanting to copy the fuel system setup?

For all of you out there that might be interested in changing out your fuel system I will start gathering parts such as 1/2 inch braided fuel lines along with an upgraded fuel rails and fuel pump to support my crazy fueling idea that should be able to support 700 crank horsepower. Ill probably start with the fuel pump and work my way forward from there. AN fittings and all the works will not be overlooked. I will try to move this project forward. I am kind of hoping to not have to change out the stock fuel tank but if I must I will step up to a race fuel cell to keep it moving along. PS. my zx2 is still very stock but that should change in the next two years

Keep the updates coming! :slight_smile:

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 your task is abrimal but zx2 tranneys just wont hold it u must upgrade to a svt focus 6-speed. as well be expecting $1000 price tag on fuel system I have plumbed it all out at work I work at summit racing top sales in retail. you can keep the factory tank just do one of two things empty it out and weld on a sump, or use the factory pump as a lift pump like deisel and then an inline pump thats the only two ways to use the factory tank unless of course you just spend your time and modify the fuel sending unit to use a 255 walbro.  A1000 aeromotive best inline fuel pump option 700hp forced, 1000 hp N/A

I’ve got a buddy at work (ford in oakville, ontario) that has a TT SVT mustang. He’s running the Foci SVT fuel pump… He was told by his tuner that it’s 330gph compared to the WB255 which is obviously 255gph. I’m running close to 200hp with plans (in progress) to be somewhere between 250-300 depending on when the turbo gets maxed out (T04B / SV STG II .48 A/R which I believe is the same as a garrett t3/t04e 57 trim .48 housing). I swapped out the stock pump for a WB255 and it’s working great