where do i find one?

well i wanted to remove my stock head unit and i heard something about a ford removal tool :?

what the hell is it and where do i get my hands on one


um… autozone, walmart, circuit city, coat hanger from the closet… all will do.

hehe coat hanger seriously :-o

and that head unit changer thing i dunno whats its called, something you put the cd player in i belive its a big piece of plastic. Where do i get one of those cause i went to my local wal-mart and cant find that shizzle. Internet? Link please :smiley:

thanks man ill try coat hanger :evil:
…and bottle rockets

yes in a pinch a coat hanger will work. Just make sure that its a good thick metal one. you can pick up the adaption plate and spliceless harrnes’s at circuit city.

This is the same as the ZX2 but cheaper because they are listed for the mercury.

[url=http://www.crutchfield.com/S-9t2Cmd4JgOm/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?g=751&I=120995720]http://www.crutchfield.com/S-9t2Cmd4JgO ... =120995720[/url]

Cool. They even put the defroster on the correct side.

Thats the one I got.

I am pretty sure that is the one I got too. ( Darron is the one that ordered it for me) Crutchfield is definetly the way to go though.


jesus i though a big hunk of plastic would be cheaper than that…

anything else that is cheaper?

Its not just the plastic, it also has the equipment to make the guages light up, plus the wireing harness for the defroster. The tool is part of the giveaway here on the site.

It is kinda exspensive, but well worth it. Like Darth said it comes with all the stuff too.


and cheaper if you buy your hu through crutchfield…

In stead of making your own removal tool you can buy them from autozone last I checked.

why spend $5 when you have a metal clothes hanger? lol

I have two sets of tools, and still use my first home made set. They just work better. :mrgreen:

I gotta admit, the ones I got from PepBoys have given me issues. I thought about just bending a hanger, might have to do that next time I need to tear apart my console.

got mine when I ordered the hu and metra…