When Pedal stomped exploding sound

Sometimes I hear an exploding type sound when I stomp the gas pedal hard. Also my clutch is chattering now so I think I have to replace it. I do not know what is causing this but I am experiencing the Check Engine light of doom. Does anyone have any idea what my problem is ?

Also my throttle response seems to be really shitty too.

Hmm, engine knock? Miss fire? Dunno, it could be a number of things. I’d try to get that CEL checked. Most auto stores can give you a free code reading.

To vague. Can you be more speific at what rpm’s and such is happening. If you think it’s the clutch going bad…do the following test.

Put the car in 5 gear when driving lets say 30mph. With this stomp the gas in that gear. Do they rpm’s rise(and your not going any faster)…if so that means your clutch is slipping or is it just moving the car like normal…slow rising rpm’s?

Put Premium in your car and stomp on the gas. If it stops, then you might be “Pinging.” I haven’t heard of anyone having this happing naturally.

How many miles are on the car? Have you checked your sparkplugs lately?

As for the transmission. I know nothing…sorry. I leave that to professionals.