What's up? New ZX2 owner here, looking to do a few mods

Hey everyone, just saying Hi. I’m the new owner of a 2003 ZX2. It’s dark red, 5-speed, completely stock, and has just under 49,000 on it. I know the previous owner very well, and it’s been extremely well cared for. It has virtually no options (no fogs, no power locks or windows, cloth seats…But does have power mirrors, lol). It’s a nice little car.

I got the car because it’s in much better condition than my old ride, which was a 1993 Eagle Vision TSi. I don’t expect it to be a racer (that’s what my Yamaha FZR600R is for :slight_smile: ), but I do have some plans for it:

-I already ordered a keyless entry system, and I have a set of stock door actuators out of a wrecked ZX2. I’ll be installing that as soon as the kit arrives, because I can hardly stand not having the keyless entry. After having it for 6 years, you REALLY get used to it.
-The stock stereo system is in serious need of some upgrading. I’ve got a higher end Pioneer head unit (DEH-P7300, old but still very good) that I’ve had for a while that I will be installing. Do these have 5.25" or 6.5" speakers in the doors? I’m not going for a serious system, just going to improve it some. I’ll probably replace the 4 speakers with quality ones and see how it sounds.
-Fog lights: I love the front end of this car, it’s very aggressive, but the empty fog light spaces don’t do it any good. I’ve thought about going for some stock fog lights, due to ease of installation of the actual lights. However, after some research, it looks like that would be a PITA, because the fogs are supposed to be directly plugged into the stock wiring harness, and I don’t have any of that wiring. Since the mounting points are very unique, I won’t be able to use those with aftermarket lights. Perhaps I can rig up a custom mount to the frame? Any suggestions on aftermarket fog lights? I’ve installed several sets on other vehicles, so the actual wiring isn’t new to me, just looking for suggestions on a set that fits well and can be installed without major fabrication.
-The shifter feels very sloppy. I’ve read a little about a short throw shifter that’s available. Any suggestions? Big improvement?

That’s all the plans I have for it right now. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Welcome to the site, and the exclusive club of 03 owners, lol. Lets see some pics!

BTW, here is the setup I’m running on mine.

[url=http://forum.zx2ms.com/http://forum.zx2ms.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=10214#p10214]http://forum.zx2ms.com/http://forum.zx2 ... 214#p10214[/url]