What is this im working on???

Well I started a new project the other day and its nearing completion. Tomorrow I should be done with it!! WOHO! This was a completely unexpected project but so far has turned out SO WELL!!

Heres a picture… can anyone guess what Im working on???


A ZX2 headband that we can wear when we Ninj4 the other sport compact drivers in the night! :evil:

Sry, I have no idea.

is it zx2 brand toliet paper

Well it appears to be some sort of vynal cut out, but it’s hard to say how large it is and thus what it’d be put on…but it almost looks like my turn signal covers.

  • Darron

^ x2

maybe a insert for the seats.

Most of the ZX2’s that I’ve seen already have it stiched into the seat…MOST.

  • Darron

welll… heres a hint.

It is Fabric. Felt to be exact. But its not for the seats.

It will be done tonight. =)

DOOR PANEL!!! Sweet!

  • Darron

sorry to dash your dreams, but nope. But thanks for the idea!!!

Hmm…passenger airbag cover?

  • Darron

Seat belt cover…

nope and nope… give me an hour, ill post more pics!

I can tell the suspense is killing everyone!

I can tell you that this is 100% handmade. Right now I need to get some dunking donuts.

I didn’t know you were a cop…taking an hour to hang around Dunkin Doughnuts…geesh… :wink: Hurry up already. A li’l longer and I’m not gonna see it 'till tomorrow.

  • Darron

I still say ninja headband. :expressionless:

trunk perhaps. This sucks. A project that I dont know about.


  • Darron

my guess too…

trunk perhaps. This sucks. A project that I dont know about.

ROFLMAO! Sorry Mike! I started this project on a whim and had all the materials together in like a day…

Okay I certainly hope you all love this, especially since I built it up the way I did.

Mike thanks for letting the seceret out! I was working on re-carpeting the floor of my trunk. This is 100% handmade start to finish. I used the stock trunk floor mat as a template and I have to say, Im am really impressed with this. I hope you all like it!

anyway here are the pictures.







only one of the pics came out… but it looks good :mrgreen: