What is causing the slight engine skip at 2200-2400rpm

Finally found a place to check the codes. Two were displayed as an issue. First was P03440 which said was a camshaft position sensor A-bank 1; the other was P1381 showing a manufacturer control ignition system or misfire(?). The cam sensor was a $18.00 part, looks like a magnet pickup. Now I just need to stick my head under the hood and find where they hide it. The other is/was a mystery.
Ford wanted to charge me $70.00 to check. I live in the middle of nowhere and drove the 40 miles to AutoZone for the free check. They just take your licence and let you do DIY.
So the part will go in and see if it helps this old ZX2, and we’ll all learn something!

The cam position sensor is very easy to switch out on the ZX2. Its located at the bottom right hand corner of the valve cover, you can’t miss it.

Sensor was so easy, I let the neighbors kid (12 yr old) do it. Good training for future Z’ers. The stupid service engine light is still on, so I’ll do a little cruise to see if it goes away. The remaining code came up different when I just put it out on Google today. It mentioned an over advanced cam gear? So I am now wondering if the new timing belt installed by Ford, is causing this? I blew it on a trip and had to let the dealer in the closest town perform the repair?
Thanks to all for the support!!!

Could be. If they didn’t do the timing right with the bar to support the cams and used a regular universal cam holder it could of caused it to be off a little bit.

I am wondering if I need to get one of these cam tools to use when I replace the UDP? Don’t see it mentioned in any of the posts on that subject…

I did not use the cam tool when I changed mine.

Appreciate the info. It is supposed to rain this weekend, so good time to get dirty! Thanks

For a upd you don’t need to get a cam holding tool. Based on your just changing the pulley itself and not touching the timing.