WHAT i am starting with

no parts installed yet, just got it last night. a '03, but i am gonna start with headers, then intake and exhaust. i am not very good with companies, tho. think ya can name a few…iceman,summit,etc.

I have Iceman I personally like it. Others prefer the Hotshot. They are pretty much the same except for a horse or two. Keep in mind an intake doesnt add alot of HP, maybe 1 or 2 by itself. Its the parts after that point that helps.

Same thing goes for exhaust and header. Every part assists each other in producing more power, especially when it comes to air flow. some common exhausts you can do are a custom type from meineke or trubendz.

oke, so…every part alone, gets me minimal power, but whe mixed with others it does a lot more?

bingo! Thats why i helps to plan out your upgrades.

Remember the car needs to breath. The more air you allow into a vehicle, the more air you have to allow to escape. That is why Turbo guys have exhausts in the 2.5 inch - 3.0 inch range.

also if your making more air flow u’ll need to upgrade the spark and fuel
u gan get high flow 19# injectors from most any v8 ford they’ll swap in the’ll give u better fuel delivery w/ out changing the tuning also good coil pac and plugs and wires will help they wont add hp but they will help other mods add hp… the accell coil pac isnt bad 4 the price theres also the Focus ones that will transfer over

audiobahn stickers, ask nikki, i hear they’re like 50hp to the wheels. :wink:

On a more serious note, if you can get your hands on a UDP kit it’s worth the money as well to go along with your headers, intake and exhaust.

whats UDP?nvm, i’ll find it.

oke, so, the more air you have coming in and out relies more power to the pavement then?

Yeah, think of your car as a big air recycler. The faster you can pump air in, the faster you go. The faster you can pump air out, the faster you can go. Of course this all depends on the tranny, but the basic ideology stands.

UDP= UnderDrivePulley