What do you guys think???

Side Exhaust??? Im thinking about it. Im currently in the process of prepping the body kit (invader) that I bough used. So, the question is, what do you guys think about this??? And yes, infront of rear wheels like mustangs.

very interesting… i have wondered what that would look like, I say go for it!

One side or Duel? I like that you are going to a body kit. There isn’t much room under the car, so a kit will help hide the muffler.

I say no. Its a very cool idea, but i think without that really throaty sound of a V8, it might look a little strange. But thats just one mans opinion. If you do go along with it, take some pics and shot us how it turned out, you could end up proving me wrong in the end :shock:

Since my gallery has been overtaken, I’ll have to link you to the photos:

i also say no, johnZ had a side duel exhaust, i saw it, heard it, i didn’t like it. when you look in the back, it seems like you have something missing. in my opinion, u need a v6 or v8 to make it work, I4 + side exhaust, doesn’t make sense.

I was just going to run like a 2.25 back from a header that Ill get in the future and then split that to 1 7/8" piping and run it to the sides. (With the cat, resonator, and muffler in there of course.

Damn Polo…I don’t remember haveing ever seen your car before…that’s tight!

  • Darron

I fixed your gallery btw…I told you before in the suggestions forum your account didn’t exist in our records. :wink:

Damn Polo...I don't remember haveing ever seen your car before...that's tight!
  • Darron

Oh God spare me the riceness. Thats this kid Vinny’s, he still owes me my front right spindle off my red ZX2. Asshole never answers calls or anyhting. Anyways, my ZX2 looks alot more cleaner in a nice way. I’ll post pictures sometime this weekend.

i think it looks good.

:shock: Oops...soory...It does look pretty tight thought...soory to kinda thread jack.
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yea man, quit jacking my thread.

mirrorguardian, what tips do you have on your setup? Im thinking something like those Oval style you have. Could you post up a link?

Well, I didn’t get them off line so I don’t know of any links. But I still have the receipt at home, hopefully it includes the manufacturer.

Essentially they are just a tip covered in Black Chrome. They were like $215/piece. That number might be wrong, I’m a work now, but when I get home around 6:30pm I’ll post the manufacturer and price.

Picture Here in case you haven’t seen them.

these? http://www.stylinconcepts.com/part.aspx … id=FROOGLE

Those are them. Though mine look shiner. Though they were dark like that inside the building. I bet it has something to do with the flash or lighting in general. But you got’em!

hey, ugh, does the tip have a slanted cut on it? in the pic that I found it looks like it might. Could you get back to me on this. It doesnt really matter if it isnt a real slant. Thanks

Personaly i agree with them its just not right and looks funny on a front wheel drive car especially a Z…but thats just my opinion…the SR looks great though