Well this sucks

So yesterday the guy that did the ceremony for my and tigress’ wedding, also an associate at my I.T. job calls me. “I got fired.” he tells me. I’m like, “You gotta be kidding me!” Well it turns out our boss is in really deep…feces with the I.R.S. So as the business is basically flopping, He “can’t afford to pay” this guy anymore. And I’m like, what the hell do I do? There’s no way I can handle all our clients on my own. The only one of the two that would help when I had questions just got fired. So this morning I didn’t call in. My ex-boss called my cell while I was in the shower, didn’t leave a message. So I didn’t call him back. I go about and do a couple things before heading over to our new house.

Upon arriving at our house, I see that we have 2 messages and 3 missed calls on the caller ID. So I cycle through the calls and one was a response to tigress’ resume that she’d turned in, one was my ex-boss and the other was my other work (Kroger) calling becasue I’d called to try and get my full time back over there since I’m not getting it at my newer job…that I don’t have anymore.

So as I’m getting ready to head home from the house I’m thinkin’ wow my exhaust has been rather raspy today. So before I get too far it starts getting pretty loud. So I turn around and when I’m maybe a quarter mile from our street, whatever was loose broke free and now I’m Harley style loud. After I pull in the driveway I leave the engine running and take a look and find out where the break is. At this point I’d been thinking it was the joint for the header/flex pipe that had come loose. Well that was all in tact and the sound was still coming from the back end.

Long story summed up. I’m currently running a straight pipe with resonator because the weld holding the pipe and muffler together came apart. Now that was done three years ago so I’ll have to pay to have it fixed, but at least it shouldn’t be much because they just need to weld them back together (or at least that’s how it looks).

So like my subject line says…well this sucks. :slight_smile:

Could be worse.

  • Darron

Dude that totally sucks! Im sorry to hear about that.

yea thing could always get worse

Man that blows. You have my prayers.

Yeah it oculd get a lot worse. But Miranda and I are keeping strong to our faith in God, and we know he’ll take care of us. Thanks for prayers, they’re much appreciated. I’ve taken the opportunity to work on our house the past couple days. Yesterday I got most of our things moved over here (not unpacked, but at least it’s over here) and did the lawn care (the backyard was about up to my waist) so just a couple last minute things, then while Miranda is at work tomrorrow I’m gonna move the last of our things over and when she gets off she’s gonna finish the details in our bedroom so we can set it up and stay there. My parents are renting out the house we’re staying in to some friends from my job at Kroger who are getting married on Saturday. It’s the kick in the butt we need to get moving and get in there. lol It’s been a month since we closed/got possession of the house and we’re still not living there. lol

Thanks guys! You should hear the car though, it’s awesome. My mom (who actually knows a thing or two about cars because of her brothers that are/were car nuts as she was growing up) says it almost sounds like a muscle car. But then again, it was in the garage when I started it for her. lol

  • Darron