Well.... That didnt last long. TOTALED MY S/R

Yep, today at 1:09pm. I was on my way home to visit my family after the 1st week and to talk about what we have been doing at school.

1st let me say, it was mostly my fault…
2nd might have been avoided if lady wasnt on cell phone and speeding…!

Good news…

[url=http://www.ep-productions.net/TeamZX2/Crash/GrandAm1.jpgany]http://www.ep-productions.net/TeamZX2/C ... Am1.jpgany[/url] pain (right now). Hit right knee on dash or steering colum and dented skin for a while. Hit head on pillar and slid down to airbag (that powder/gas stinks kinda). Stubbed my pinky, ring, and index fingers on my left hand.

Bad news…

Going to pull out of a BP gas station after filling up, go to exit look left, right, see traffic. Traffic from right is slowing and has a break in it, look left no traffic for a good 1500 ft or so, look right gap is comin and I get ready and gas it and BOOM. OUCH. Lady was freaking out saying she was going to trade it in in 5 days or something. I tried to calm her telling her I have EVERYTHING covered with my insurance policy. She didnt listen.

State Trooper arrives, coolest guy EVER. He 1st calmed her down after witnesses told him she was feaking out on me. We give officer our info and cards and he gives us each a forum w/ eachothers info on it.


Car that hit me…




Me in pic…














My deepest sympathies, no driver deserves to have his car wrecked while not pushing… Damn those Earnhart fans… Hopefully you can salvage most of your car and swap some stuff. That really sucks, hope you’re O.K. :cry:

Im glad to hear that despite your minor injuries your allright. That sucks about the car, you had so much time and effort put into her.

Brings a tear to my eye… :cry: … Another S/R gone…

What are your plans now or is it too soon to ask?

Beater truck. Spending prolly $800 on that, then the rest of insurance money is going to another Z.

Plans for that one is SUPER FAST haha.

2.5l Built Duratec engine.
Turbo kit w/ SCT built by DropDatScort. (start with 8 and work my way up to 20 as I get comfortable)
Built mtx75 tranny w/ LSD
Fuel Cell in trunk (prolly 10 gallon. mainly to balance out weight from larger engine)
Removed A/C
Custom Aluminum dash with those guages that are black when off and light up when car is on

(think its a total of 8 guages I came up with needing)
Correct me if I missed any…

  1. Speedo
  2. Tach
  3. A/F
  4. Boost/Vac
  5. Oil temp
  6. Oil pressure
  7. Coolant temp
  8. Fuel

I want to cage
Front Component speakers
Rear Coaxile speakers
8" ported sub where the back seat is.

Hopefully I can salvage the 03 front and fix the crack and work the dents out (puttin it in sun next spring to heat up)
Then if I can find WW sides and rear.

Then I have to decide on a color. I was thinking Hot Rod satin black but IDK.
I was going to change my car to black and yellow w/ a diff scheme and carbon Invader hood but that got put off.

Sry to here about the car. Glad to see that you werent hurt bad. I have a question what about that trunk/wing you have. Is it ok? i know a person that might want it. If you can get it back from the ins.

The wing has caps that are directly molded into the unibody. I was planning on removing it next year b/c dirt likes to flip around behind the trunk and the rear of the car gets really dirty QUICK.

After driving around with it for about a month, I would not reccomend it to anybody, it got old… FAST. It was a spur of the moment thing and I got to disliking it.

I have a set of Diamond Audio 5.25" Front Components for sale. I know its probably a bit early for you, but there here. Complete with crossovers. New in Box, I havent even taken the speakers out of the plastic. Just never got the money to purchase an amp to run the speakers.

Glad you are ok. I know what if feels like, my accident with my 02 was partially my fault as well. It is sad to see another S/R gone, but its important to remember that the S/Rs are examples of what these Zs can do. Anyone who owns one respects it for what it is (except if you’re peanutparts) but you still wanted it to be more, hell KNEW it COULD be more. A stock Z has the same potential, what is important is the dedication of the driver behind the wheel and the mechanic under the hood. I think our cars are lucky cuz those two figures are one and the same.

Wow that was a long rant, sry. :smiley:

ditto on glad you survived the crash with only minor injuries, and i am deeply sorry for the loss of your vehicle… if you like a have a black 98 shell that has never been wreaked, and comes form texas so there is no rust or corrosion on it, has no interior but the body is straight and true you can have free of charge to help compinsate for you loss… i can even help transfer your s/r parts to it if you like… we can make to get the rolling chassis up and
going… i also have a sliver one that has a power silding sunroof…

Got my film developed, sorry the pics look so bad, I dont have my scanner set up right.




thats a great offer jayco

Ahhhh, the 2 colors Ive always wanted, and now I have to decide. Ill probably choose the silver Z. If this goes through, Ill need to get a JaycoAutomotive.com banner made up to sport on the rear window!!!

If it were me id use the Sliver one since it has keyless entry, power sliding sunroof good body no rust, soild frame no rust… has a few nicks and dings put they can be easily fixed… let me know if you want it also have a new radiator in the box made by visteon that you can have to get you going really anything that i have laying around you can have…hate to see a fellow zx2 fanatic with out wheels…feel free to call me at the shop on moday after 11am 814-784-3042

Dude, another karma for Jayco. :lol:

thanks for the karma darth at least ive earned mine honestly not cheating like our admistrator

Dude Yellow, that bites. But glad you’re okay and thankfully it’s just a car (don’t hate me for that) and it can be replaced.

  • Darron

I know, and Im not “that” depressed about it. Only thing that realy tweaks my parents some is they just spent $300 last thursday b/c it need tierod ends, allignment, and 2 new tires… But even they arent that mad about that, they were just glad Im fine and my dad was about to flip shit on the lady for speeding.

whoa …man i`m sorry to hear what happened …good thing is your okay .

Sorry to hear about your accident. Looks to me like there were more than one lane to that street. She couldn’t see the bright yellow? Speeding and on the phone? If she tries suing you, get a good lawyer to dig up her cell phone records. Where the hell did she come from, for you not to see her?

The rims aren’t bent are they? Hopefully you can salvage them for your next project.

Jayco gets a +1 Karma for his generous offer and has my respect and hopefully soon my money as a customer.

thanks for the karma Mirror, i just hate to see him with out a zx2 wouldnt be right…