well i got a sr

well my dad got one paid for it with my money and is almost to ct right now and ten will be garaged for the winter till i get home from school.

Its a 2000 black s/r
clean title and mint condition
30xxx miles
paid 2300 for it from a guy who called it a piece of junk escort

Thus the reason the Hater sold it. He didnt appreciate what the S/R is.

Congratulations on the find! Glad to see another person with an escort!

Where abouts in CT are you from?

south windsor
well its my second zx2 i kinda wreaked my first one and am fixing that when i get home so this is just a perc :smiley: but yea my other z will become a go car for racing

Glad to hear that you wont destroy it like a guy named Peanut

Is that near Hartford?

I have family in Danbury. My cousin travels to Hartford University everyday for class.

right across the river its a rich town in hartford county its right next to east hartford

Yay, another S/R is safe. :slight_smile:

it is safe and will always be safe.

Welcome to the site!! Congrats on the SR. That guy that sold it to you definetly didn’t know what he had.