Welcome fellow Zx2-Riders!

Sorry I have made such a delay in this posting, but welcome to ZX2 MotorSports! Please post in here if you coming from Riders! So you can introduce yourself!

hi dan nice to hear from u

I’m a refugee from riders…

All refugees are welcome :slight_smile:

please dismantle your boats and throw em on the bonfire!!! lol!!

Again welcome everyone!

Welcome to ZX2MS. I’ve been on ZX2-Riders, and I like you guys!

I’m from ZX2-Riders. Got some money to go into the car, so I’ll keep y’all updated on what I do…


What is up guys!!?

i’m not a refugee, i was here before Riders went down :smiley:

not a bad site at all. hello everyone.

Welcome to the site!

hello how did u hear about us from across the pond

lol, you think england is weird…i was off the coast of Haiti on a coast guard boat when i found out riders went down and decided to join here :stuck_out_tongue:


I was a member before I got sent over here.