Welcome back!

It’s been a really long time since anything has been done to the place. I am hoping with some fresh updates and a new tech stack I can keep the information on the forum alive.

I used to be all over the TeamZX2 forum while I was doing a lot of work to my car. I heard they are still active on facebook but I don’t have a facebook account. Thanks for kickstarting ZX2 Motorsports again!

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Still have some more work to do on the site like retiring the old main page and setting up a new homepage.

Hey everyone!

It’s seems like the whole teamzx2 team is all over. Some on evilzx2s.com, some on facebook, some on instragram.

Anyone actually own a zx2 anymore?

I still have mine and back at again working on it.

Hello and glad to see some other active ZX2’ers out there,

I picked up a silver 2003 ZX2 manual w/sliding sunroof to work on with my kids. Plan is street use then track.
The shifter was extremely loose, the engine stuttered pretty bad at idle, and radiator fluid showered the interstate 60mile homeward bound.
It has a small door ding, chipping clear coat on the rear bumper, small hood dent, and minor surface in the nooks & crannies. Full paint job will come to include around truck and hood jams.

Upgrades over the last couple months:

  1. First upgrade was metal shifter rod bushings since the original plastic/nylon bushings were non existent. Upgraded the actual shifter bushings with energy suspension polyG’s. The shifters feels awesome and there’s no more guessing what gear you are in or go into!
  2. Upgraded the thermostat housing and the blown outlet to a metal housing (made after market for the focus’s). This required screw in sensors in lieu of the original clip-ins and a 1997-1998 plastic outlet angle as the aftermarket metal focus’s straight outlet was not an option. - Tried different radiator hoses with the straight outlet, but could not alleviate hose chafe on the radiation fan shroud.
  3. Manual to Electric windows and door locks. Kids got spoiled from mom’s and dad’s cars. One of the original door panels were ripped, so we went all in With matching door panels, and did not have to cap a manual window lever hole.
  4. Remote Keyless Entry installed. This was very simple after buying a used RKE Module as the harness with connectors was hidden in the trunk and we had a couple extra Ford key fobs. Bonus - it included active anti-theft! The system was designed to lock both door and unlock only the driver side, but I have read that it is mod-able to unlock both doors.
  5. Replaced several rotted vacuum lines, PCV, and valve cover gasket. The idle issue is 80% better, but we need to trouble shoot more.
  6. New spark plugs and plug wire installed which helped get us to the 80% idle improvement. - any suggestions on resolving 100% is appreciated.?
  7. Installed hood bra to cover the dented hood.
  8. Purchased parts for rear drum to disc conversion (non abs) to include black anodized rotors and ceramic pads. The rear end is half apart - still convincing some rusted control rod bolts to back out. This will be finished throughout the week.

Can use some help with the following:
a. The idle still is rough. This may be related to the fuel system as we need to cycle the key several times to build fuel pump pressure.
b. The engine cooling fan seems to be intermittent. In only turns on at 75% hot in temperature gauge and does not seems to turn automatically with turning on the A/C compressor. We tried slaving in a different CRM (Control Relay Module), but the car did not accept the donors CRM at all. Does anyone one know when the cooling fan should turn on and why our waits until 75% to engine overheat?

Welcome to the zx2 community!

These are incredibly fun cars and are easy to work on.

When is the last time you changed the fuel filter? It could be plugged. Otherwise, bang on the gas tank with a rubber mallet to see if it impacts the idle. This would be a sign of a bad fuel pump.

As far as the fan, you could bypass it and run a switch to turn it on and off. I forgot what color wire it is going to the inside cabin ECU.

Still driving/working on mine…

It will be at All-Ford-Nationals again this year, then it goes into the body shop for rust repair and a new paint job when it is done it will be Jaguar Midnight and yellow (Roush pattern).