wassup all?

hey, i’m kind of an old schooler…been around the boards since 99, joined zx2.com back in 2000, then zx2-riders in 2004. i’m sure most of you have seen my car at some point or another around…dan, do you still have the zx2-riders gallery up? i won’t be home til right before Christmas, so i can’t upload any images with our slooow connection out here at sea. plus, they’d only be pictures of Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and St Thomas…and helo’s, migrants, and other coasties like me. love the site so far! any questions just ask, i’m sure i’ll even ask a few.

oh yeah, and i’m the one that’s married to an eskimo and was up in alaska in case you’ve heard of me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! Welcome to the site :wink:

Yeah! Welcome!

  • Darron

welcome to our home!

Welcome home Tim! And no sorry the gallery is gone . . But I do have all pictures still . .

Welcome to the site.

Welcome to the site!! :smiley:


hey man glad to see ya here!!