vortech V-5 blower and focus mount

a couple of you will rember me!!!
I have removerd the vortech blower for the Z :frowning:
seems I did not have time to complete my task
so I am selling what I have.
V-5 blower (remanufactured) 500.00
zetec mount (for the focus)100.00
also I have a S/C mount for a 5.0L if any one is interested



How’s it going?

I,ve ben buisier than a one armed wall paper hanger in a wind storm.
sorry for disapearing on you guys

OH HOW I’VE MISSED LAMAR! Sucks you can’t finish what you started. :frowning:

  • Darron

it wasnt that i couldn’t finish, it’s a whole time thing . not to mention the UBERDUB is now breaking land speed records now!!! :wink:
I am offering the project to my old buddies first, before it goes up on ebay.

PS, Darren, the lights on reynolds rd, south of maumee are soo cool
next time I am your neighbor hood I will stop by, and congrats on the WI show…

Lamar!!! How the hell you been buddy??!?!

sucks that you are unable to finish her. Im going to be under quite a few time constraints myself in the next few months. Im glad to hear the V-Dub is nearing light speed!

Whats the deal with the zetec mount?

Im glad to hear the V-Dub is nearing light speed!

there is an M5 near charleston WV that would say its faster than light :wink:
its good to see I am rememberd
but if you guys know any one interested , let me know


HEY!!! :lol:

hey PIP, I heard the good news of your return to the states.

Yeah… it can’t come soon enough…

How have you been, man?

Anyone who is a potential buyer can trust this guy… he is good peoples.
An old friend of the ZX2 community.

I wonder if maybe Chris would be interested… I’m not aware of any ZX2SC’s yet… Although he’s pretty far into the planning stage of his turbo set up so maybe not… I know if I had money, time, skill and lack of fear of blowing up I’d be interested. Hope you have time to stick around more bud.

  • Darron

id be interested if there was a way in hell to get it to mount to the duratec… also good job on the vdub lamar … i got my girlfriends jetta down to the dyno at 230fwhp

thanks you guys
if I had the grand that vortech wants for the drive system it would have benn installed.


sorry I cant hold on forever.
it goes on ebay on friday