v6 stuff

so i was looking at the svt contour … and the motor is rated at 200 hp ,and extremly hard to find , then i started looking at the v6 found in other fords like the non svt contour , and cougar… those have 170 hp and an aftermarket … now what about the duratec 2.5 liter, what kinda numbers are we talking , what can i steal one from … and the last question would i still be as cool if i swapped the non svt motor in ?

You get any V6 in a x2 you got my cool vote… heh

barely fit but it will. with a good radiator then you need the contour tranny and some way to support it, not easy. I’d work with the zx2 motor and go with a turbo or upgraded head package. You’ll be more satisfied with the gain than to drop the contours (very flawed) v6 engine.

i dont wanna do that … i want the v6 duratec… talk about flaws the zetec fuel system blows

HKS, use a 3.0L Duratec Block off of a junkyard late model La Sable or Tarurs. Just get the SVT Contour 2.5L engine head, upper and lower intake manifolds, wire harness, pcm, etc off of the svt. That’ll give you a hybrid duratec v6. The best combo to have a powerful duratec v6. If you want more info about the swap and engine combo email me at halo_game@hotmail.com I got some info and such on people that have done it.

I’m really interested in this, how much would it end up costing?

i have all that info … ive been hanging around contour.org a little … and koi … i have no price to give you as i have not been able to finish yet … problems have come up and ive been getting delayed. … but this is my swap damnit dont steal my glory lol

You know you can sell a kidney for some good cash on the black market. It’s weight reduction too. :wink:


you can also do some stuff in a cup and make 50 bucks

lmao, the ideas keep rolling in!

This is definitely something (if monetarily feasable) that I would do next year if at all possible, very intriguing and makes for a good sleeper without having to convert to rwd… I just want to know how much it costs for the parts.

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well i hope to be done by srping . just found a motor and subframe and ecu for 300 bucks in nc … but atleast ill still be the first

$300 total? that’s it? Man that’s not bad at all. All this talk of swaps makes me want to go buy a piecer RX7 and swap a 3rd gen engine with the twin turbos into a 1st gen just for kicks or something. If I could afford it…

you can buy rolling 2nd gen chassis with no rust for 500 …