v6 contour issue

okay, most of you know from me posting in HKS’s sale thread about the catalytic convertor problem that my sister has been having with her contour. As of right now her car is out of inspection and has to get the catalytic converter/s replaced in order to pass inspection.

Another issue is that my sister is 350+ miles away so doing a self repair is not too feasible at the moment. The $900 quote is from Bridgestone / Firestone to do the repairs. I think thats a bit steep even coming from them. Hell they were going to charge her $150 to run fuel injector cleaner through the engine!!!

Now the codes the computer are throwing are from the upstream (manifold side of cat) 02 sensor, “Lean condition”, and from the downstream (Cat o2 sensor), “Catalytic Converter not working to efficency”.

Before my sister left to go back to college I told her to run a bottle of fuel injector cleaner through her engine with a full tank of gas. After she spoke to bridgestone and they told her $150 to run fuel injector cleaner, I again spoke to her and told her to get a bottle of Fuel Injector Cleaner and run it through. She still has NOT run the fuel injector cleaner.

I dont know that the cleaner is going to fix things, but my thought is this:

  1. if engine is in a lean condition on one 02 sensor bank then that side of the engine is not getting enough fuel, hence lean. This is not a condition thats on both sides of the engine.

  2. If engine is running lean then the catalytic converter may not be coming up to temp, hence its not running efficently enough.

  3. My assumption would be that the fuel injectors may be plugged or semi-plugged which could be causing the lean condition.

are these good assumptions based on my thoughts or am I completely mis-directed here?

Your not way off base mark but if it is running lean it’s usually more than a clog injector. Most injectors shouldnt get that cloged. But tell her to try Lucas Fuel cleaner. From whta ive read its about the best over the counter cleaner. have her put a bottle of that with a full tank of high test. the worst that will happen is her wallet will be $40 short.

Ill suggest that to her. What would cause a lean condition like that? She has already replaced both upstream o2 sensors.

What would cause a lean condition like that?

Bad fuel injector
Clogged fuel injector
Improper MAF reading
Old Spark Plug
Spark plug wire
Iginition issue

Start with the cheapest and work your way up. These are just guesses.

Brigestone/Fierstone stores do good work but they hamper your pockets severely.

thanks Mike and Nick! I was trying to start with the cheapest by suggesting the fuel injector cleaner. I hadnt even thought of plugs and wires but I will suggest that to my father.

yea are the wires the oem if so by now there shot. plugs are easy to check and replace. either way the car will only benifit from new wires and plugs.

yeah. I hashed it out with my father earlier. I told him that regardless the wires and plugs needed to be changed. He claims that the previous owner changed them. I am not too sure about that. Regardless I told him, its one less-cheap-fix to rule out any problems. I just hope he heeds my advice… and to think I’ve been going to him for car help all these years!!! LOL!

Hes still being stubborn about the cats though I can see why now. The cats are attached to the manifold damn near the exhaust side of the block. Like the manifold comes off the block and drops directly into the cat… Theres almost no way of welding in a new universal without creating a new manifold in the process or getting a header system.

My sister came home from Buffalo for the weekend and put the fuel injector cleaner in her tank. By the time she got to Binghamton (3 hrs or so…) her CEL lights shut off. I hope that the fuel injector cleaner did the trick! At this point only time and mileage will tell.

Yea a nice 3hr ride with Lucas in it will clear out any Injector probs. Hope that worked.

After reading what firestone charges for something that simple, im jelious maybe im in the wrong business…


Don’t joke like that! lol

Mark, I know how you feel. My dad and I often go head to head on a lot of car related things these days too. Often times thou we find an accord.

Well that’s not suprising Darth. I know those Honda’s are all over here in Toledo! :-o LOL Good to hear that the CEL’s gone Marky. Hope that was the fix she needed.

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