User Pics

How bout everyone post one? It would look a lot nicer than just the blank space next to the post.

unsure how to post

Need to up the pixel count so I can post some good pics…(my cam will not go that small)

128 is just too darn small…

Make it 500 and all would be golden…


500px would have you run into format problems with how the page looks. The bigger problem is when you post an avitar that takes up alot of space. Anything over 128k and modem people start having problems with looking at a page that has more than 10 posts.

For a Modem @ ~7k/sec:
128k x 10 post (with avitars over) = 1280k
Divide that by 7k/sec = 182.85sec
Divide that by 60sec (for a minute) = 3 minutes alone for the avitars to show.

^Of course it could be slower. Best part is that is only for the Avitars, don’t forget you might also have pictures in signatures, the layout of the site, and the text (easiest part).

I was thinking enlarge in text,

But that is why I am a car guy not a computer guy, :smiley: