Upper resonator

Not sure exactly where to put this but here goes. My strut bar is rubbing like crazy on the stock upper resonator that I have. I’m planing to get a better intake soon, but in the meantime does anyone have a modded upper resonator like the one sold on ZXTuner that I could take off your hands?

Take a piece of 3" pvc (heat rated) and cut to length. simple fix and only costs maybe 10$ at most. That should help you out till you get another intake.

I say save a few bucks up and purchase an intake from Ebay.

An Ebay Intake

Or see if can get in the group testing of S&H Auto Trends new intake.

Bad Mark! 2.5" Muffler tubing, have the tip flared to 2 7/8" and use that, won’t scratch like the PVC :stuck_out_tongue:

THAT’S THE SPECS ON IT! lol. I couldn’t remember exactly what to use. :slight_smile:

  • Darron