Updated pics of my Z

its kind of a crappy pic but it works. My Z is completely stock now :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry… its not that bad lol

In case you are wondering it used to look like this.




It’s so shiny :-o

It pretty much sat in a garage its whole life except last year when I live in Florida for about 6 months or so. The heat and weather down there absolutely destroyed my car. Its really not that shiny anymore. All my seals are about shot I have a rust spot from a rock chip now. All in all Florida kinda sucks. It royally fucked my car up for the 6months it was there sitting outside. Makes me mad. However though I have moved back to Wisconsin and now it gets a nice garage to live in once again. I think in spring I am going to get a new paint job and restore it a little and get it back to they way it was with the kit and wheels ect… Anyways /rant lol

definately gotta get it looking as good as she did!

I thought you had fun partying with Xeno everyday!?! :smiley:

Wish my car was that shinny! My car is the garage during this winter so that’s cool.

All my seals are about shot I have a rust spot from a rock chip now. All in all Florida kinda sucks.

What do you expect? They have all those huricanes, there’s bound to be debris…lol.

Sadly I found my first rust spot last summer on the driverside door. I too will be looking to get a new paint job to. Have you thought about 2 tone? I’m thinking something along those lines, we shall see.

I had a good time int hat respect. I met alot of cool people while I was down there.


I loved the way Lord Vaders car. You ruined it. Im about to cry

Loved the car, hopefully you get it back to what it was. Any reason you brought it back to stock, other then to get every back to brand-new shape?

Xeno lives in california now, I think.

I put it back to stock cause I needed a winter vehicle :frowning:

Take the hit for 200 and buy a real junker man lol