[UPDATE] Does anyone know

wow its been a while since i stopped by here! Whats goin on everyone? Things have been crazy here. I am expecting my first child in 2 months(ITS A BOY!!) and i have a feeling my Z will be taking the backburner for a while. But that didnt stop be about thinking what i can do to her in the long run. And when i dream i like to dream big.

Basically i was wondering if anyone knew if a small block v8 would even fit into a Z. I noticed there is a duratec swap going on, and im stoked to hear about how that goes. I just love the sound of a v8 :twisted: If anyone has the know how of these types of things i would love to hear. thanks!

Wow! long time no see!!

welcome back to the forum. congratsulation on the child!!!

far as V8 in a zx2, couldnt help you. I can tell you, that its going to cost quiet a bit ot fab the mounts and stuf flike that

well specifics and details is something im not worried about right now, i was just looking for an idea to mess around with ya kno?

Id say yes, I believe its the 305 ford racing engine. There is a swap that has been going on with focus 4 cylinders, swapping to this engine. For the focus it is about $40,000 to do the swap. It converts the car to RWD of course but as far as kits being produced for the Z, there on none that I have found, I searched and searched about 2 months ago.

well looky what i just found


I guess the question would be, just how much do we have in common with the focus other than just the engine components. If you notice there is a section at the bottom for V8 conversions that has a decent amount of parts.

Check out this thread.

This thread includes pictures and video of a Zx2 with a 351.

40K? for that cost just get a diff car haha

its not the money factor, its the unique factor

agreed with him ^

hehe i have some unique planned and in the process

Well my little man arrived on November 21st at 9:51 in the morning!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: He was 8 pounds 6 ounces. he is healthy and already causing mayhem! haha thats my boy

Here is a picture of the little devil!!



Bet you cant wait to see what kinda of trouble he can cause when hes older! lol!

AWWWW!! What a cute little guy!! Congrats!! :smiley:


Haha, rock on man!!!

Congrats on the little pimp!

congrats, and I hope you cought up on sleep before he was born :shock:

congrats man…hopefully he’ll sleep through the night soon…