Unofficial eastern escort meet

As of right now this is just a feeler to see where everyone stands:

What: Big escort meet for the eastern states.

Who: All makes and models of escorts.

When: Sometime next year between July and October

Where: In one of the following states to make it fair on everyones drive and money: Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee. Unless someone knows a better place.

There hasn’t been a really big meet I believe since June 2003 at the national escort meet in Dallas. I’m just trying to see if there would be a huge interest in a huge meet. It’s worth a shot to try and get this going.

Note: If I get enough interest in this from people in the western states that can guarantee to be there, we will make this a national meet and host it in Kansas. This is 1 year away from now so if you want this meet to live start planning and saving up cash for the drive, we also need everyone to agree on a weekend Friday-Monday type deal. I also posted this on other forums so the date has to be agreed upon by all sites.

If you have any questions please email me at


We shold plan this across both zx2ms and team zx2 and get everyone to goto carlisle PA and make a showing at the all ford nationals.