Uh oes! Jiffy Lube busted!


5 out of 9 of them jibbed the guys at the news crew.

The district manager lied… and refused to take responsibility for his own businesses and employees… and to top it off, they all lied.

Hmmmm, yes, busted.

They just got powned!!
That is just awful. I don’t know how those guys can even do something like that and not feel bad about it. That is just totally wrong and very sad. Even worse they can’t even own up to it after they get busted.


I used to work at a quick lube/garage we had a costomer that had a Jag. the bigger one thats still a Jag.(lol) They were using Grade B oil. It gummed up the engine and destroyed it. The man sued Jiffy Lube in court for a new engine instaled by the Jag dealership. so they got the bill on a new engine and the installation.

And my wifes hair dresser tok her Sante Fe same thing happened the engine was all gummed up but she just traided it in on a new one

Thats because people who rip people off like that and know it think they’re getting away with it and have no dignity or respect to own up to their own responsibilities. Notice the general manager pretends to not even be who he is because he KNEW what was going on and is chickenshit. That’s called poor management, any manager that can’t stand up for his/her OWN business and employee’s mistakes and take ownership for what is THEIR responibility has no business being in management. No wonder its so messed up. 5 out of 9 jibbed, its rediculous.

I completely agree with everything in your post Koi. People like that shouldn’t be in management. The sad thing is that kind of stuff goes on more than we even know I am sure.


I always think low of every Jiffy Lube place I see on the road. A while back when I had my ATX ZX2 they put in about 6 quarts of oil and put the wrong filter on. So not only was I leaking oil, but my car ran like shit. Went back there with my dad (I was 17 at the time) to solve the problem, and had the store manager fix it himself while we were watching and on top of that we got our money back. Right after that was done with I went across the street to get some grub from Wendy’s and saw the manager fire 2 employees (probably the one that f’d up my car). And I dont know how the Jiffy Lube people around you guys are, but here they all look like dumbsh^t 16 yearolds that drive riced civics and show them off in front of the store right by the street with signs of thier specials. Just looking at them you can tell they dont know what the f they are doing. I know I could easily get a managment job at Jiffy Lube but I also know corporate wont give me the budget I need to hire quality lubers. So I blame the lame service Jiffy Lubes offers because of corporate and how they don’t give the managers the budget to offer better lubers for good pay. And poor pay is what attracts drug addicts and 16 yearolds (just for the fact its a job). I’d rather manage McDonalds then Jiffy Lube anyday.

Yeah one kid around here that works at one has a green dodge neon with a funky ass hood and a broken body kit with half the paint on his car and he was trash talking saying his car was faster than a ducati :roll:

A guy that used to work for my dad who was a pure lazyass “left” (or was going to get fired) because he never did quality work, helped, or did his job. Well, what’ya know, he’s a manager for jiffy lube and they have the WORST rep in town, imagine that.

frigging terrible…

Stuff like this only makes me want to do more work on my own car. I hate having other people do the work for this reason.

exactly why I prefer to change my own oil…