Trottle Body

Has anyone upgraded their throttle body?

I have been looking or the best ways to up grade this item and have come to 2 different ways.

70mm Mustang Trottle Body

Ford Racing high performance, cast aluminum intake manifold for Escort ZX2 and Focus ZX3and ZX5 2.0L Zetec engines. Used on the 300 HP Ford Racing Focus. Significantly improves intake manifold airflow. Significant increase in engine performance when combined with the Ford Racing 2.0L Zetec cylinder head M-6049-ZX3P. Will also work with ported production
cylinder heads, but requires modification to manifold and cylinder head. Use with M-9926-D462 Throttle Body. Not a bolt-on intake. Fabrication required, for serious racers only. Sugg. Retail Price $495.00)


67mm Focus Throttle Body, though have seen in another tread that this throttle body won’t fit unless you adapt the intake manifold or replace it with a focus one)

Seems like alot of money and work for a bigger throttle body. If anyone has a suggestion that I may not have mentioned, please add to the discussion. Perhaps there is an easier way to go about this.

I might just go with some new cams if I can’t find a cheaper alternative.

i was under the impression that the focus central TB were bolt ons however you needed to modify the throttle cable bracket and turn the TPS upside down, or something crazy like that.


I bored mine out and polished it afterwards, but it was very tedious.

I seem to remember somebody using the TB from a V6 thunderbird…but it’s a hazy memory.

I’m pretty sure the FC throttle body for a Focus 5spd is a 65mm throttle body and i’m pretty sure it bolts right up. I’m talking with a guy right now, he’s trying to get me one to demo for him to make sure it bolts up so he can market it out to the zx2 community, I’ll let you guys know if anything happens with that.

Damn, so unfair. I got to start talking to these people so I can “demo.”

I bored mine out as well. While it was, yes tedious it was also far more cost effective with my mods on the car. I just marked out the little speed bumps on either side of the throttle body with a marker and using a drill with a grinding wheel carefully ground both sides buttery smooth finishing off with lighter and lighter grade sand paper. Throttle response is much quicker now and no changes needed to be made to the cpu to support it with my chip. Size of the throttle body prob gained went from about 55mm to 57/8 mm. Either way its now definately a more efficent existing throttle body than before.

Bigger is not always better unless you are going to put in different cams and change the flow rate of your head there is really no need for a 70mm t/b infact most likely it will make the bottom end worse… just what ive heard.

Yeah the TB on your cars are good for almost 170 HP. Unless you have more then that you will only see about 1-2 maybe 3 new ponys. One other idea if you still really want a better TB is to have the TB ported by a Machine shop, something to think about…

All the recent talk of intake manifolds and throttle bodies and the resurrection of this thread has gotten me to thinking.

Nick, you had mentioned in the start of this thread about replacing our intake manifold with a focus one. What is the feasability of this? I know many of their parts will swap onto our engines but this may open a new door of possibilities if this hasn’t already been done.

Im going to do more research and see if there would be any benefits to doing this.

ok. The part number for the ZX2 intake manifold is 9424. The part number for the focus intake manifold is 9424 also. So that tells us its the same manifold correct?

anybody know of any focus related intake manifold upgrades or mods?

The upgrade that I was actually thinking about is the 70mm Throttle Body with the Intake Mani from Ford Racing. Ford Racing states that the manifold is good for 300hp.

Download this file and turn to page 175 and look at the bottom right. Everyone should have this PDF because they do sell Zx2 parts as well.

Throttle Body #M-9926-ZX3R
Intake Mani #M-9424-ZX3R

The Manifold should fit because all Zetecs, for the most part are the same.

Mirror I think the Ford Racing Intake Manifold and 70mm T-Body is going to be the best set up for you. That is if you plan on at least 170 WHP.