The real way to do a FWD doughnut? has anyone tried this with a zx2??

heres video for how to do it, i found this pretty slick

A good example of when two dipshits get bored. Personally wouldn’t abuse my car like that or be that unsafe.

I am so glad that that was a taurus getting abused and not a Z. Some people’s children… :roll:

lol… i thought it was pretty hilarious… some stuff my friends and I would think up when were bored.


Believe it or not, this is an actual competitive sport. There is actually a Tray Sliding Drift League! When done properly in a closed off & properly prepared course, it’s pretty safe. I used to do it in my old `95 Neon. Never on an open course though.

My comment was directed more towards the parking lot deal.

Morons?? :roll:

Oh I forgot… I WANNA TRY IT! Just for the fun factor and I like abusing cars :twisted:

Goofball! :lol:

Speaking of abusing cars, I give my Z mad props for putting up and unprecedented 60000+ miles of me driving it, and I wail the hell out of my car, and yes I will be trying out this tray sliding, in a closed course, I’m back home for the summer up in the back woods, shouldn’t be difficult to find a nice closed spot. You know I should post some pictures and videos of me beating the hell out of my truck, I’m sure you guys would get the point I’m rough on vehicles, 86 Bronco II, 176,000 miles before I parked it, still ran like the day it was new. It’s undergoing a makeover into a muddin’ rig. To tell you the truth I had tears in my eyes when a guy that I sold the motor to stopped by to pick it up. We went through a lot together and it never gave me any lip, except the original water pump that lasted till 160k! That’s why I’m a Ford man, and always will be!

Tyler starts to tear up as he misses his truck, project has been on pause for a year since he started going to school in Milwaukee. He thinks to himself, you took a fully operational vehicle and ripped it into 3000 parts and now you have a pile of junk. God, friggin idiot! (in napolean dynamite voice)

Now go make yourself a dang casadilla!

I mean its not beating on your car if you do it corectly… u can floor it and cut the wheel( as shown) or slide around not spinning as much, both still fun, lets see u do a fwd doughnut another way


Guess just quarter mile et, and hp ratings intrest me more than fwd donuts. Call me crazy but maybe thats just me, who knows lol never really wanted to do one. Got nothin against it though as long as people know what there doin and don’t create hell out of fun.

DUDE THAT’S AWESOME! They should make a tray sliding demolition derby! Just strap the trays to the rear rim/tire and go to town spinning and slamming like bumper cars except not! I mean…don’t do this…it’s bad… :twisted:

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Yeah that’s pretty tight, not sure why I hadn’t thought of it before, you know instead of using trays, why not just strap some wheel dollys the rear wheels, I bet that would work better, and then you don’t have to worry about the metal tray sheering off and scratching your car or it flying out and killing a spectator, cause I’m assuming this would be a spectator’s sport. :lol:

Im sure it would be a spectator sport, id watch it, with wheel dollies immagine if one of those small wheels hit a pot hole… it would sheer it off and then u would have broken sumthing costing $$, for a cheap idea, just get a skateboard, take off trucks, cut it in half, and use it like 2 ski’s for the back tires!!

Or you could buy some wood from a lumberyard…beware of fire though… :twisted:

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