transmission fix for slipping/harsh engagement - 1 & 2 gear

after much research and trying different things, I found that replacing the speedometer speed sensor for a slipping/harsh engaging automatic transmission in first and second gears works ! There was no engine code coming up, yet the trans. would slip and had a harsh engagement (in first and second). It also had strange way to cruise at idle speed - like it couldnt find what gear to go into (first or second). So, thanks to a web site I found (sorry, but dont know what right now), I fixed this issue with a new speedo sensor. this web site also recommended replacing the neutral safety switch if having difficulty in 3rd and 4th gears. What a big relief. I had a whole trans. rebuilt by a jerk for 2100.00 bucks all for a 55.00 part. Oh well…hope this helps you save a few thousand dollars ! PS, after all of this, i must say that of everyone, the Ford dealership was the most helpful - not much but a little !

Glad you got it fixed!