transmission cable ?


I am trying to find out why the 2000 escort manual tran. that has just been installed slips into neutral very easily while in drive.

So once the clutch is let out fully it still slips?

Was the flywheel milled or resurfaced?

The clutch you installed used, new and what brand is it?

Did you install the clutch disc with the words Flywheel Side towards the flywheel?

If the clutch is not fully engaging or disengaging then check the clutch pedal adjustment rod on the clutch master cylinder under the dash.

Also may not hurt to bleed the hydraulic clutch controls.

Also im going to ask was this problem preexisting be for the clutch was changed or idi it show up only after the clutch was replaced?

If the later is the case, then what did you disconnect? aka the hydraulic clutch system if no then air shouldn’t have been introduced to the system and that leads us to the mechanical systems.

The first thing to check its the throwout arm alignment check to make sure it is functioning properly, then check the clutch pedal adjustment to see if it is with in specs and lastly if no obvious case is the culprit the remove the transmission and verify that the clutch was installed properly.

Im just going to have to ask, does it make any grinding or clicking, or ratcheting noises when it goes neutral? Did you check the spider ears in the differential before installing it?

Double check the shifter bars attachments at the transaxle. If the fixed position (shift stabilizer bar) bushing is worn or sloppy you will have incomplete engagement. Also, if the attachment of the shifter bar coupling is sloppy, that will also lead to incomplete engagement which would lead to “dropping out” of gear under load. If it is confirmed that complete shift engagement is obtained then there is something seriously wrong with this transmission.