Time for another random post!

Ok everyone real quick post:P

List the following:

Year of ZX2:

you don’t have to post just having some fun.

Year of ZX2: 2002/1998
Color: red/black
Male/Female: Male
Age: 23 Will be 24 on the 30th
Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Year of ZX2: 1999 ZX2
Color: RED
Male/Female: Male
Age: 20
Location: Redmond, Oregon

Year of ZX2: 2002 Zx2
Color: Blue
Male/Female: Male
Age: 24
Location: Buffalo, NY

Year of ZX2: 2000
Color: Green
Male/Female: Male
Age: 24
Location: St. Cloud, MN

Year of ZX2: 2000
Color: Silver
Male/Female: Male
Age: 19
Location: Ivine/Oceanside, California (SoCal)

Year of ZX2: 1999 (pre-99.5)
Color: Red (E4 paint code)
Trans: MTX
Male/Female: Male
Age: 22
Location: Lebanon, OR

Year of ZX2: 1998
Color: black
Male/Female: Male
Age: 41

Year:2001 zx2 mtx
Color: TK
Mods: To many to list
Location: Twin Cities MN
Sex: Male
Age 18, going on 19 soon

year of zx2: 1998
color: ash gold
sex: when ever the wife gives me some

also 2 kids(BOYS) 3 cats (girls) and a south african albino ciclid (pirana w attitud)

Year of ZX2: 2000
Color: Zinc Yellow
Male/Female: Male
Age: 18
Location: York Pa

Year of ZX2: 2003
Color: DSG
Male/Female: Male
Age: 24, 25 in June
Location: Parksville, NY
Trans: MTX

And yes… Roush’s Pirana is a mean sucker…

Year of ZX2:1999
Color: white/blue/flat black
Male/Female: Male
Age: 17
Location:sunbury, Pa

but sry 4 tread jack

Year of ZX2: 2002
Color: oxford white (hence the sn)
sex: male
age: 24
location: Lathrop, Missouri

Year of ZX2: 2000
Color: red
Male/Female: FEMALE!!!
Age: 16( 17 june 14 YAY)
Location: Texarkana, Arkansas (way the fuk down here!)

^^^^^^ Another June baby! June 15th here!!! ^^^^^^^

my grandmas is the 13th… June is a great month… you get presents every 6 months… it works out greeeat

not me… im too old for presents… ususally its mom, dad heres a bill pay it for me. lol

Year of ZX2: 1999 1/2
Color: Pimp Gold
Male/Female: Male
Age: 23
Location: Ohio

sounds like a good present to me