TIE Fighter (Old School Game)

Ahh it is nice playing it. It took a bit of working to get my USB joystick to work, but it sure as hell is fun. It’s an awesome flight sim, and it’s Star Wars! I would suggest any Star Wars nerd to get it.

It’s cool too, because you can turn invincibility and unlimited ammo on and off in flight. So if you are really getting your ass kicked, you can kinda cheat for a minute. It’s also fun to follow behind the capital class ships with your standard TIE Fighter, blasting away at it for 5 minutes with blasters and kill it… LoL


I’m a star wars geek im going to have to go get it now. whats the name of it again star wars tie fighter

Battlefront II is an awesome star wars game too, based on the Battlefield engine. That game you can pilot tie fighters, x-wings, y-wings, land speeders, etc… and invade the capital cruisers. Takes a good graphics card to play but its awesome.

I’ve played that on PS2 it is a great game! Were going to get a video game night together.

woot! I got the 360!

Damn, Mark got a 360?

Winter beater or 360…Stupid winter.

I remember that game! X-Wing and Tie Fighter. God I have so many SW games.

yup had the 360 for about 6 months now… Call of Duty does NOT get old playing multiplayer!