Ticking sound coming from the engine.

I have a ticking sound coming from the engine on a 1999 ZX2 that has 130k on it. It sounds like a loose lifter noise. I know the car does not have lifters but that is what the noise sounds like. Can anyone help troubleshoot the problem?

Do you know when the timing belt was replaced? You may want to have that checked if you think its coming from the cams.

Mine has always made an annoying ticking sound. I’ve just learned to live with it or turn up the radio volume. lol

your car does not have lifters but it does have tappets they do the same thing as lifters but the cam pushs directly onto them and the valve. so it could be them

I read somewhere that if you don’t use the Motorcraft (Ford) oil filter, the engine will make valve clicks. Maybe? Sometimes, my son’s '98 starts to tick when it’s about due for an oil change. Goes away after the oil is changed. What kind of filter do you have on it?

I just wanted to add that the ticking sound complete goes away once the engine is warmed up.

I use a Fram oil filter and Mobil one oil.

What weight oil are you using?

Use a Motorcraft filter, PN 2005 (I think), and make sure your oil is 5W30. Mine made the click with a Fram filter, but not with a Motorcraft. Weird, I know, but it seems to be the issue. Mine was the same- went away when warmed up. Give it a try.

Thanks a million I will try the Motorcraft filter the next oil change. It all makes sense because it did not make the noise until I changed oil the first time. The first oil change I used a Fram filter and 5W-30 oil the next oil change I used 10W-30 oil. Is what ever making the noise detrimental to the life of the motor?

I have used Purolator with 0W-20 and have never had a problem.