This is some FUNNY stuff...

for those who have ever worked in a game store (I have a few friends who do) or been in a video game store… this is a website made from a guy who works in one and his “Adventures” of owning it.

My favorite quote thus far…

"Do you sell mod chips?"

“Go ahead, ask me what I sell.”

“What do you sell?”

“I sell video games. What a stupid question.”

“What does a mod chip cost?”

“Apparently one of us isn’t keeping up.”

“What do you mean?”

“If I sold you a mod chip, then you would never buy a game from me ever again. And that would be very much in opposition to my being able to run a profitable business.”

“I just want one to play copied games.”

“What? Do I look like an idiot? What the hell did you think I thought you wanted it for?”


“Exactly. Now look, if I were to sell you a mod chip I would lose you as a customer. Now, if I were going to lose you as a customer I’d rather do it on a high note like setting you on fire. At least then I would have some satisfaction of a job well done.”

“I’m leaving!”

“But I haven’t set you on fire yet!”


I know I’m late…but that’s awesome.

  • Darron