This is great!!!

Im now wireless on my router!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!

…you want a cookie? :wink: Cool dude. Congrats. I set up a laptop at work today that doesn’t need a router to be wireless…but the connection’s not all that fast trough the verizon card…pretty cool though. What I found REALLY funny is the head honcho (guy we got it set up for) called my…I guess supervisor…and I “dumbass.” I was kinda taken aback, but it was really rather histarical.

Don’t you love the freedom of wireless? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t have posted. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

I got mine set up a while ago… in fact I AM ON IT RIGHT NOW!

w00t w00t.

Packet loss on wireless sucks ass though so it’s slower also due to latency but the ability to be on it is just nice. Just another reason I’m hardwired with a seperate IP for my compie upstairs :slight_smile:

I got the wireless router setup in my room, so my laptop can access pretty much anywhere in the house. I also have a seperate wire run just in case I need it!! Both my laptop (wireless) and my desktop (wired) are online in my room…

internet on two computers at once in the same room… im confused as where to start!!! BWAHAHAHAH!!

Lets see, have 3 computers (1 computer is currently off line b/c it got a trojan on it and my dad doesnt feel like fixing it, go figure its mine…)and a PS2 that is connected to a router wireless router but are wired, then 1 laptop that is wireless… Beat that (at home, not at work or school LOL)

My setup goes off of an 8 port switch, my main computer branches off of that to pull a standard dhcp public ip address for hosting reasons, a smaller older laptop for file hosting on a 2nd port, my wireless router runs off of port 3 to pull it’s own ip address which is running my wireless (obviously) so that it’s more private and secure using a wep key. Off of that i’m also running my iPAQ H2215 for use in the garage while i’m working no my car or with my 2nd laptop. w00t. I’m working up a linux server using redhat 9.0 to replace the older laptop so it can be used downstairs along with the 1st laptop for company. SO overall i’m pulling 3 DHCP ip’s and 2 internal ips on the lan side of the router. AND I get all the public IPs for free because I WORK FOR THE ISP BWAHAHAHA!

Beat THAT!

My dad works for but they only have 56k and DSL. Well we just gave his parents the 56k benefit and we upgraded to cable.


I got an 8 port router setup in gateway config DHCP to provide IP’s for 2 computers in the living room, my sisters room (for when she comes home), and the two computers in my room (laptop, desktop).

I have 3 unfinished computers in the basement, cause I get lazy once I start building them. one has linux (btw I have the new Ubuntu distro, not installed though), one has windows and one is just fried.


w00t. We are such geeks. But, I’m happy to announce and admit it.

Just finished my wireless setup for my sisters laptop. Love my new PC setup. Mmmmm SLi.

grrrrrrr… im jealous :smiley: :smiley: :shock: :smiley: :smiley: :twisted:

hmm… glad to see you admitted you are geeks lol… but i believe i got bitched out for callin you that before… did i not… :stuck_out_tongue: its ok… i realize we all have our problems… although some are more severe than others… :smiley:

I’m slowly turning into a bigger geek each and every day between school (for IT) and my new job (outsourced IT). But it’s okay.:slight_smile:

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Yes but you are a cute geek and you are mine and that is all that matters :smiley:


LOL! So Tigress reminds me of something that took place yesterday at my new job. Every Monday myself, my boss and my “supervisor” (Friend that got me the job and also happens to be performing the wedding ceremony for myself and Tigress) we all meet at Panara Bread for a “board” meeting. (we’re the only three in the company then we have a lady that does our bookkeeping) So anyway. Basically we get paid to sit around with our laptops on Wi-Fi talking about whatever. And I jumped on and pulled up the case that I’m gonna get for the PC I plan on building in the near future and show it to Andy (friend/supervisor/whatever). He tells me, “You can’t get that case!” so I ask why and he says, “Because you’ve kissed a girl!” lol

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we’ve had wireless highspeed at my house for a while.