Think once, think twice, think BIKE

Yes, please, for the sake of my sanity…

Finally a public service message 50,000,000 years old that cares about us!

lol… people definately need to be more considerate of motorcyclists. I didnt realize how inconsiderate I was till I started driving a bike myself.

Bikers get a bad rap because of the people who think they are superman on a “crotch rocket.” One day someone will make a lane change, then his life will flash before his eyes. Or if they squeeze through traffic that is stopped.

One day a guy was squeezing through traffic and I was in the passenger seat of my brother’s car. I told him I wanted to open my door, he said do it. I almost did, just to teach him a lesson, but then thought about how he probably doesn’t have insurance. As we drove away he said you should have done it, insurance or not. Owell, perhaps next time.

I will always look for bikes, but to all you bikers: “He who has the biggest balls has the right of way.”

Actually in some states lane splitting is LEGAL. You never know, the guy may have a family and/or kids, he may just ride stupid on a bike. Would you really be willing to inflict that sort of harm on another human being and possibly immobilize them for their entire rest of their life because you don’t like the way they ride?

Not cool.

true, drivers do need to considerate motorcyclists, but at the same time, motor cyclists need to slow down, because if they dont get hit by a car theyll end up killing themselves.

Yeah because the speed limit is so bad.

That is a logical falsie. With only a hypothetical situation, you are giving me a definite outcome. Do I wish to put someone in a hospital bed for the rest of their lives? NO. Had I open the door on the guy; there would have been damage to the car, bike and possibly the rider. I don’t think he was moving faster than 10mph, in which case he would probably only have minor scratches.

Bikers are not exempt from the rules of the road. If you break them and in the end hurt yourself you have no one to blame but yourself.

Thats true, and i agree. All I’m saying is that lane splitting (going inbetween 2 lanes) in some states actually is legal to do… though some people don’t seem to be aware of it.

I wasn’t accusing you of doing it, you said you didn’t. All I’m saying is it scares me that there are people out there that actually WOULD do that. Which makes me even more afraid every time I step out there on my ninja.

Thats why I wont lane split even if it is legal. I perfectly happy just being on the bike. My experience with going down taught me that the hard way. I would rather wait 5 minutes for the traffic to clear then risk someone intentionally opening a door on me. Most cage drivers are also probably unaware that lane splitting is legal in some states.

Yep, exactly. I don’t lane split (and it’s DEFINITELY not legal in oregon, lol!)

I did have a kid that i have met before in a local bike shop lane split while I was in the zx2 and he almost ripped off my mirror, literally… I gave him an earful when I was buying a sprocket for my bike, needless to say the kid left the shop. 80mph lanesplit when I’m doing 65mph, not cool.

I can understand lane splitting in slow traffic, but not at 80mph. Thats just asking for trouble. Im too chicken for lane splitting.

The reason I’m so against lane splitting is because the driver in the car gets something he’s not expecting. And because of the small profile a bike exudes, a driver in a car may never see him approaching from behind.

your absolutley right. They actually teach that in the NYS DMV motorcycle manual and Im assuming in the MSF course. People tend to look through bikes because of that smaller profile.

Yep they teach about that sort of awareness you need to have in the MSF.

But I agree. That’s another reason I DO NOT lanesplit, its crazy stupid to do, even if it’s legal.

evertrhing said, its still fun

It’s completely legal in England.