What are some indications that your thermostat is going out?

I’m experiencing issues with my car not warming up quickly and if I watch the temp guage it will move from Cold to Temp (somewhere just before the middle) then back again. The only things I’ve done recently to the car are UDP and Change my anti-freeze + water wetter. I dont think it would be either of those, Im leaning more towards the Thermostat, just looking for some conformation.

Didn’t Foo’s thermostat go out?

Yeah. It’s really freaking cold now too, so it sucks. I was getting heat, but then the oil was changed and now I don’t…unless I’m driving for over a half hour…

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Same thing happens with me. I think i found my problem though… my fluid level was at ‘full cold’ when running for over an hour. I added some fluid and it seems to have stabilized. I know my heat returned so thats a good sign.

I was going to say you probably have air in your lines… drive for an hour and check your overflow tank. But you figured it out

That wouldn’t have anything to do with the A/C? I’m just hoping for a quick fix for my A/C issue. :smiley:

what is wrong with your a/c?

as for your temp gauge fluctuation my gauge went all haywire and i had just changed my fluid with “30 below” coolant additive so when my gauge went all the way hot i knew something was wrong. we know there’s a temp sensor on the therm. housing ( pots mod) that communicates with the ecu, but this has nothing to do with the gauge. the gauge is read by the temp sending unit which is located below the thermostat housing to the right of the pcv valve. when i pulled mine it was very well oxidized, and that my friend may be the problem. it seem like during the course of tryin to get the coolant mix right in mine i had to replace the temp sending unit 2 or 3 times simultaneously when i would drain the radiator, maybe something with the copper contacting the new-found air inthe system. anyway hope this helps!

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sluggish gauge, erratic guage, to much heat no heat, poor engine performance…

I bolded what I was experiencing.